Past Seminars

The Tampere Game Research Lab has hosted an international spring seminar for work-in-progress papers annually since 2005. As all participants have been able to read eack paper in advance, the seminar has offered a unique place for informed discussion and to receive worthwhile and relevant criticism. Each seminar has had a theme and two expert commentators. Professor Frans Mäyrä has chaired the seminars.

2009: Playful Experiences (Commentators: Aki Järvinen from ITU Copenhagen and Oskar Juhlin from The Interactive Institute)
2008: Breaking the Magic Circle (Commentators: Markus Montola from University of Tampere and Simon Niedenthal from Malmö University)
2007: Gamers in Society (Commentators: T.L. Taylor from ITU Copenhagen and Daniel Pargman form Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
2006: Playing Roles (Commentators: Craig A. Lindley from University of Gotland and Lisbeth Klastrup from ITU Copenhagen) – International Journal of Role-Playing was initiated here.
2005: Creative Gamers (Commentators: Henry Jenkins from MIT and Mikko Lehtonen from University of Tampere)


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